About Us

Sub-Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. (OTC-BB: SSWM) provides civil and environmental project management services.  SSWM is a majority-owned subsidiary of U.S. Microbics, Inc. (OTC-BB: BUGS).  SSWM’s subsidiary in Mexico is Environmental Tec International, S.A. de C.V. (ETI).

Bruce Beattie is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of SSWM and ETI.  Under his leadership, the SSWM-ETI professional team designs, permits, builds, and operates environmental waste clean-up and water-quality enhancement systems using conventional, biological, and filtration technologies.  

SSWM-ETI provides comprehensive support for government leaders who are committed to cleaning up pollution, restoring the natural environment, and helping the local economy.  In support of solving environmental problems, SSWM-ETI provides expertise, technology licenses, and transfer of know-how. SSWM-ETI works with local universities and local companies to develop and implement programs for measuring and analyzing levels of pollution, then developes plans for cleaning-up the pollution, with management services for implementing the plans until pollution is reduced to government-defined levels.  

SSWM-ETI works both to solve environmental problems and to stimulate the local economy.  SSWM-ETI helps the local economy by creating jobs and providing training, so that local companies can continue cleaning up additional sites.  

SSWM-ETI combines state-of-the-art biotechnology and engineering solutions that represent a multi-year investment of more than $10 Million. As a result of this investment, SSWM-ETI has proprietary solutions that use naturally occurring microscopic life, which consumes the pollution at contaminated sites.  The microbes used by SSWM-ETI are natural: the microbes are not bio-engineered or modified in any way. These microbes are safe and harmless to humans, animals, and the environment.  After the microbes have consumed the pollution, the introduced microbe population drops to normal background levels.  In addition to using biological technologies, SSWM-ETI also uses conventional technologies to clean up environmental waste and improve water quality.

SSWM-ETI is recognized for its leadership in using Pay-for-Performance (PFP) contracts that provide incentives and rewards for cleaning up pollution faster, cheaper, and better than other companies.

SSWM Statement of Qualifications (SOQs)

  • Water and Wastewater Services (PDF file)

  • Environmental Audit Services: Phases I, II and II (PDF file)

  • Engineering Services (PDF file)

  • Remediation Services (PDF file)

SSWM Project Fact Sheets

  • Historical Projects (PDF file)

  • MTBE (PDF file)

  • Railroad Ties (PDF file)

  • Underground Storage Tank at the Furniture House (PDF File)

  • Beach Sand (PDF file)

  • Dry Cleaning Solvents (PDF file)

  • Bio-Regeneration of Activated Carbon: BAC (PDF file)

  • BAC at a California Refinery (PDF file)

Additional SSWM Product/Service Information

  • Bio-GAC Flier (PDF file)