Waste Management Specialists

Sub-Surface Waste Management

Sub-Surface Waste Management’s team designs, permits, builds, and operates sswm-mast-revenvironmental waste clean-up and water-quality enhancement systems using conventional, biological, and filtration technologies.
In addition to providing environmental remediation services, SSWM provides support services for governmental agencies that are working to clean-up sites of pollution. SSWM teams with local universities and local contractors, assists in training and transfer of know-how, and helps guide the process of assessment, planning, and implementation of remediation services.  As a result of SSWM’s efforts, local companies and workers learn how to clean-up pollution, which benefits both the local environment and economy.

Garbage-Truck-AEnvironmental Tec International, S.A. de C.V. (ETI) is SSWM’s subsidiary company in Mexico. ETI is active with multiple partners in Mexico, including the administration of Governor Torres in Puebla, and other government officials and agencies. The environmental remediation opportunities in Mexico are driven by new enforcement regulations, new funding, and the requirement that all technologies used for clean-up be approved by SEMARNAT, Mexico’s Federal regulatory agency overseeing environmental compliance nationwide.  ETI has pioneered one of the first major SEMARNAT-approved remediation projects. 

SSWM and ETI are recognized as proven providers of better solutions to the problems of cleaning-up polluted soil, water, and waste streams. In support of political leaders with the vision and commitment to clean-up environmental problems, SSWM-ETI provides enabling technologies and transfer of know-how that results in less pollution and more local jobs.

SSWM is a public company that is a majority-owned subsidiary of U.S. Microbics, Inc. (OTC-BB: BUGS).